Children's Church

Youth Ministry/ Youth Choir


Youth Director: Sis. Shalecia Callaway (Coley)  Left to right: Missionary Kathy Williams, President Shalecia Callaway,  Missionary LaVita Hutcherson and Minister Michelle Ruth


Youth Choir/Praise Team 





The Youth Ministry's Mission is to train and teach the word of God to our youth.  By teaching the principles of the Lord Jesus Christ it will help encourage our youth to increase their knowledge of God, help them walk worthy of the Lord, and progress in their spiritual growth.  By developing a new mind in Jesus this will enable the youth to bring forth good fruit by every good work, please Him in all things, and advance them towards a mature christian life.

The Youth Ministry will provide the biblical instructions to promote spiritual growth, and to prepare our youth for the challenges of life in today's society. We will help them pursue a balanced way of living through spiritual, social, emotional and physical wholeness through the power of the Holy Ghost.



The Vision of the B.T. P.C. youth ministry is to motivate the heart of the youth to promote Jesus Christ as Lord.  Teach them to set good examples in speech, life, love, faith, and purity.  Devote themselves to the reading and studying of God's Word through prayer.  Become fruitful members in the body of Christ, and established in the faith.  Become disciples of Jesus proclaiming the true Gospel, and pursuing excellence for God in all areas of their lives.